Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework

Vancouver Island 2065: Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery

“Sustainable Service Delivery integrates all the principles of Asset Management. It understands the value of land-use planning; and it understands the impacts that land-use planning has on service delivery. It also integrates the ‘design with nature’ philosophy,” states Derek Richmond.

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Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery in British Columbia: “Build awareness first, then implement,” emphasized Glen Brown at inter-regional collaboration session

“We cannot move forward with Asset Management without consideration of the environment, and therefore the watershed. Sustainable Service Delivery builds on the principles of Asset Management. It is going to be a component, and a requirement, under the next Gas Tax Grant Program. This is where we will find traction in moving Sustainable Service Delivery forward,” stated Glen Brown.

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Provincial Funding in British Columbia Linked to Viewing Watersheds through a “Sustainable Service Delivery” Lens

“Asset management usually commences after something is built. The challenge is to think about what asset management entails BEFORE the asset is built. Cost-avoidance is a driver for this ‘new business as usual’. This paradigm-shift starts with land use and watershed-based planning, to determine what services can be provided affordably,” states Glen Brown.

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“Taking Back Our Cities” – A Perspective on Asset Management, by Gord Hume

“The simple reality is that we can’t pay for this infrastructure renewal on the local property tax base. But there is a second part of this problem that hasn’t gotten as much attention. We are significantly underestimating the true municipal infrastructure deficit in Canada. The public doesn’t yet fully understand the scope and seriousness of this problem,” wrote Gord Hume.

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