Rainwater Management in the Georgia Basin: Capital Regional District workshop celebrates on-the-ground successes

“In November 2007, the Capital Regional District hosted a full 1-day workshop titled “Bio/Infiltration: Tools for Rainwater Management”. Organized under the umbrella of the Stormwater, Harbours and Watersheds Program, the workshop emphasis was on municipal implementation, particularly funding, bylaws and other tools available to municipalities to work towards innovative rainwater management,” stated Jody Watson.

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Real Estate Foundation funds Green Value Case Study Profile Series

“We are identifying case studies that celebrate leading examples of real estate development projects in Vancouver Island communities. These case studies illustrate how green value approaches have been implemented, and include a review of the benefits/liabilities of each project,” states Tim Pringle.

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Creating Our Future: A Catalogue of Preferred Practices that achieve Green Value

The Ministry of Community Services and Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia have concluded that there would be value in jointly funding a catalogue of local government policies and practices that accommodate settlement while at the same building in green value – such that the outcome of each policy or practice contributes to A Positive Settlement Strategy.

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The Energy-Water Nexus: Rising Energy Costs Meet Vulnerable Water Supplies

In the United States, water and wastewater treatment facilities account for 35% of energy used in municipalities. The consequences of the growing electric power and water demands will require more intensive management of water resources, greater integration between water and energy planning, more watershed or regional planning, and new science and technology to meet these needs.

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‘Green Value’ solutions achieve ‘Design with Nature’ outcomes at three Vancouver Island commercial developments

Three Vancouver Island case studies comprised of commercial developments represent a linked set.They address similar rainwater management issues including extensive impervious surfaces as well as challenging geological and hydrological site features, and in every project “design with nature” technologies have been used to address these challenges. Finally, the same owner's agent was responsible for all three projects.

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