ASSET MANAGEMENT BC NEWSLETTER (Winter 2018): “Operationalizing Asset Management: It’s about People, Too” – David Love, City of Courtenay

Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery

“It’s increasingly acknowledged in Canadian local government circles that sound Asset Management (AM) practices are the means to achieve Sustainable Service Delivery (and senior government grants!),” wrote David Love, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, City of Courtenay.

“The first step in practicing AM is to get to know your assets using ‘Condition Assessment’: what do we have, where are they, what do they do, how do they interact, are they fit for purpose and how much longer can they do what our constituents want them to do at a price they are willing to pay?

“Working out the answers to these questions eventually allows for good long-term financial planning to ensure Sustainable Service Delivery. However, regardless what stage of AM practice you’re at, stuff and money alone don’t deliver local services.

“It’s also about our people and we discovered a ‘Condition Assessment’ of our staff was necessary, too.

“The ‘Condition Assessment’ of our people (the who, where, what, how, etc.) proved to be achievable using conventional HR practices. This identified who might need which AM competencies, but not how it was all supposed to work on an organization-wide scale.”

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