Recognizing the value of nature

“As biological creatures, we depend on natural capital and its ecosystem services to sustain the health and well-being of our families and communities. But these benefits are often taken for granted by decision-makers on land-use issues,” says Dr. Faisal Moola, Science Director of the Suzuki Foundation.

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A Guide to Green Choices: Ideas & Practical Advice for Land Use Decisions in Britsh Columbia Communities

“The guide is meant to assist communities of all types: large, small, rural, resort-based, urban, and suburban. It is designed to help maximize both creativity and adaptability to varied scales, specific contexts, and changing on-the-ground conditions,” stated Dr. Laura Tate. “A key theme in A Guide to Green Choices is the notion of integration. It stems from a belief that the solid efforts already being made could be even stronger if they work together in the right direction — not at cross-purposes.”

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“The Plan for the Future” guides enhancement of web-based Water Balance Model

Released in November 2009, ‘Water Balance Model for Canada – The Plan for the Future’ is a comprehensive document that will guide tool enhancement over the next three years. “In Alberta, the Water for Life Strategy and Land Stewardship Act provide a framework for efforts that will help Alberta achieve a better balance between economic growth and environmental / social values,” stated Liliana Bozic. “Water for Life and the Land Stewardship Act promote sustainable use of water resources in Alberta.”

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Water Balance Model now resides within the ‘Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia’, a non-profit society

“Formation of the society is a pivotal milestone in the history of the WBM. Over the years, various people have asked us who owns the WBM. Now when we answer ‘the Partnership owns it’, it will be crystal clear to everyone that the Partnership is in fact a legal entity. This evolution is important to our funders becauses it increases our ability to obtain grants for ongoing enhancement of WBM capabilities,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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Voodoo Hydrology explained by Andy Reese

Andy Reese (120p)
The article is provocative in pointing out that some methodologies can be used to obtain any number of “correct” answers. This approach contrasts with a compilation of current and acceptable state of the practice.

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