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Sustainable approaches to integrated Water Management

Increasing population growth and economic development over the past 20 years has resulted in an increased demand for water. As a result of this growth, close to 1/5th of BC’s surface water sources have reached, or are nearing, capacity to reliably supply water for extractive uses. This increasing demand also places additional pressures on water quality, water levels and aquatic ecosystems.


Why was our Partnership formed?

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC (PWSBC) was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2010 to promote and advance the protection and management of natural and engineered water resources in British Columbia.

We believe that by providing education, research, technical services and tools, we can help communities both reduce the increased demand for water and protect stream health from the adverse consequences of land development practices.

We are working with practitioners involved in water resources functions to foster integrated protection and management strategies through enhancement of practitioner expertise (i.e. “developing talent”), and through further evolution and delivery of program elements developed under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia.

What is our vision?

The vision of the Partnership is that water sustainability will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices. How communities in BC get there relies on a change in mind-set.

What is our mission?

The Partnership mission is to facilitate that change with a focus on community and regional land planning, to promote strategies that integrate decisions about land use and conservation with water sustainability outcomes.

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