Integrated Resource Recovery: City of Langford’s new ice sheet aims for ultra-efficiency



“Chilled above ground and sweltering below, City Centre Park’s new ice rink has ambitious plans to host one of the most efficient heat-capture systems in North America,” writes Edward Hill in an article published in the Goldstream New Gazette.

Most recreation centres capture about 10 per cent of the energy coming out of refrigeration – 90 per cent goes to waste. This facility will be unique in North America. It will use or share 100 per cent of its heat.

John manson - langford city engineer (120p)“The geothermal system serving the Westhills development is the key to achieving this ultra-efficiency. A water pipe is already in the ground to pump excess heat from the ice rink to the Westhills District Energy System,” reports John Manson, Langford City Engineer.

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Posted December 2010