2013 provides ‘home’ for telling the story of British Columbia’s Green Communities Initiative

“To help the Ministry tell the story of the Green Communities Initiative, the Website Partnership created a ‘home’ on the Green Infrastructure community-of-interest to post articles about the four areas of Ministry activity, namely: partnerships, legislation, incentives, and better information,” stated Mike Tanner, Website Chair. By serving as a communication vehicle to share information and experiences, we believe is helping to effect changes on the ground in water and land development practices in British Columbia.”

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Provincial Funding in British Columbia Linked to Viewing Watersheds through a “Sustainable Service Delivery” Lens

“Asset management usually commences after something is built. The challenge is to think about what asset management entails BEFORE the asset is built. Cost-avoidance is a driver for this ‘new business as usual’. This paradigm-shift starts with land use and watershed-based planning, to determine what services can be provided affordably,” states Glen Brown.

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Wetland Conservation in a Watershed Health Context: “Watershed Blueprints will help municipalities integrate and better deliver on regulatory requirements,” says Kim Stephens

“A watershed blueprint helps to create a picture of how to achieve a desired future condition. If communities reduce their ‘water footprint’, and if local government actions ensure the integrity of groundwater flow, they can then protect watershed and stream health. This is a reason for conserving wetlands,” stated Kim Stephens.

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