ASSET MANAGEMENT BC NEWSLETTER (Summer 2018): “BC municipalities and regional districts, their respective CAOs and staff would benefit from guidance to a common communications approach to enhance asset management practices,” wrote David Allen, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Courtenay

Note to Reader:

The article by David Allen is the second in a 2-part series. The first was written by his colleague, David Love. Read together, the two articles present a compelling story for action by local governments in British Columbia to achieve the vision  for Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework.

Developing a Common Asset Management Policy for Local Governments in BC

“In the last edition of the Asset Management BC Newsletter (Winter 2018), my colleague David Love authored an article, ‘Operationalizing Asset Management: it’s about People too’,” stated David Allen.

“While the focus of David Love’s excellent article was about what the City of Courtenay was doing to address its AM capacity challenges, this article casts the net more broadly and explores how we might bolster the capacity of all local governments to move toward sustainable service delivery through a common policy approach.

“Ironically, while AM BC has championed the need for sustainable service delivery, it has increasingly recognized the need to address its own sustainability in maintaining an independent and neutral position in supporting other local governments.

“This is possibly why there has not yet been a collation of policy practices offered in support of CAOs and council/board elected officials where, from a public administrator’s perspective, something of that nature would be very useful. Our affiliation with AM BC has helped us to recognize that this form of guidance does exist, but it is located in various places and has not been provided or promoted in a coherent, unified way. The guidance is located in statutes, senior government publications and Courtenay Council’s Asset Management Policy.

“What follows is respectfully suggested as an overview of this guidance for Council’s consideration.”

To Learn More:

To read the complete article by David Allen, download the Summer 2018 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.

To read the previous article by the City’s David Love, download the Winter 2018 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.