2006 thru 2010

Voodoo Hydrology explained by Andy Reese

Andy Reese (120p)
The article is provocative in pointing out that some methodologies can be used to obtain any number of “correct” answers. This approach contrasts with a compilation of current and acceptable state of the practice.

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Manage Runoff Volume at Site Scale to Protect Watershed Health

Story #1 – cover (475p)
ISMP Course Correction Series – November 2010
The Community Charter empowers British Columbia municipalities with extensive and very specific tools to proactively manage the complete spectrum of rainfall events in order to protect stream an watershed health.

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New York City’s Green Infrastructure Plan and Sustainability Management

NYC Green Infrastructure Plan – cover (360p) – October 2010
The advantage of the green infrastructure approach is that it delivers the same degree of water retention as “grey,” but at a much lower price. When coupled with the traditional approach, it will allow the city to reduce sewer overflows into its waterways by 40% by 2030.

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Landscape-based Rainwater Management is at the heart of Green Infrastructure

Don Moore (1959-2008) was a commonsense practitioner; he was not captive to terminology. Part of his legacy is being the catalyst for looking at drainage differently in 2004. In March 2005, he was the driving force in organizing the Let it Rain Conference, hosted by the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College in New Westminster.

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