Green Transportation Choices

Go green for healthier, happier, richer cities: “Low-carbon measures can help to achieve a range of development priorities,” states Andy Gouldson, lead author of the University of Leeds research project

“As the evidence mounted up, we were struck by the fact that the cities we want – cleaner, healthier, richer – are made possible through climate action,” said lead author of the study Andy Gouldson, a professor at the University of Leeds. “Whether high-quality public transport or segregated cycling lanes, energy-efficient buildings or better waste management, the dollars, lives and hours saved are impressive.”

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Safer Streets with the Fused Grid

The fused grid network pattern recently passed another test with top marks – the traffic safety test. Planers using it for its rainwater management advantages can now be confident that it will also enhance safety. “The city plan is organized in repeatable wards, with a square in the centre, which is visible to half of the homes in each ward”, explained Fanis Grammenos, “The square is protected from heavy traffic since through streets are located at the boundaries of the ward, leaving the centre relatively calm for casual strollers.”

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The Fused Grid: A contemporary street pattern that addresses environmental and quality of life issues

“A consensus is emerging that conventional approaches to suburban development are not sustainable. From a transportation perspective, single-use, low-density residential developments with curvilinear, poorly connected road networks limit transportation options to the point that that private automobile is the only choice for many trips.This increases automobile travel and, as a result, fuel use, emissions and transportation costs. With this in mind, municipalities are re-examining neighbourhood layout and land use concepts,” stated Fanis Grammenos.

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Win-Win Transportation Solutions

In December 2005, the Victoria Transport Policy Institute issued a report entitled “Win-Win Emission Reductions: Smart Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies Can Achieve Kyoto Targets And Provide Other Economic, Social And Environmental Benefits”. Prepared by Todd Litman, the report was presented as a contribution to the 11th United Nations climate change conference held in Montreal.

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