Four Cascading Modules

BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 1 – Fin Donnelly, founder of the Rivershed Society of BC will tell the story of his swims down the Fraser River and will “Connect the Drops” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

Fin Donnelly’s love affair with the Fraser River began more than two decades ago. As a young man, he was a marathon swimmer, crossing the Strait of Georgia several times. But it was his journey down the length of the Fraser River in 1995 that changed his life. It was a 1,400-kilometre swim, which he completed over 21 days. Following his epic swim, Donnelly and others formed the nonprofit Rivershed Society to promote public education about the Fraser River Basins.

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 2 – Ted van der Gulik has a compelling story about “The Fraser River, Agriculture and Food Security” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

“Agriculture’s need for water will only increase as summers get longer, hotter and drier. The Ministry of Agriculture has developed a Water Demand Model that can determine agriculture’s water requirements today and in the future,” states Ted van der Gulik. “Climate change will raise sea levels and bring sea water farther up the Fraser River. This will limit the number of hours per year that fresh water is accessible for irrigation water supply in the Delta.”

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 3 – Bob McDonald reflects on “Water from a Global Perspective & Beyond” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

Bob McDonald translates complex scientific information in a way that is both fascinating and easily understood by his audiences. “Water is THE issue of the 21st century, both around the world and even here in Canada where we have more water than anyone. As glaciers disappear and droughts become more frequent, it is vital, in every sense of the word to manage our most precious resource wisely,” states Bob McDonald.

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 4 – Michael Blackstock presents the case for “An Attitude Switch” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

The journey to a water-resilient future starts with Western science acknowledging water for its central functional and spiritual roles in our world. “Attitude influences behavior,” states Michael Blackstock. “Blue Ecology is a new cross cultural approach which inspires a new attitude towards water.  There is good reason to have a strong belief in hope, instead of fear, while facing climate change.  The good news…it costs nothing to switch our corporate or personal attitude.” 

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