Beyond the Guidebook 2010 – List of 41 Supporting Documents

“Each of the seven chapters in ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ is complemented by a number of supporting documents that elaborate on aspects of on-the-ground successes in British Columbia. In total, there are 41 resource documents. All are downloadable from website,” states Mike Tanner.

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Forging Gold Medal Standards for Urban Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia

Beyond the Guidebook 2010 synthesized a set of ten guiding principles that provide a framework for a successful local government implementation process. “So, what we mean by shared responsibility is that everyone has a role, and everyone can act…. all levels of government, developers, regulators, bureaucrats, consultants, planners, engineers…. we all have a role,” stated Ray Fung.

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Getting Green Infrastructure Built Right: City of Surrey hosted the 2009 Metro Vancouver Water Balance Model Forum

“The Forum was a success. We have been getting some pretty good feedback from many of the people who attended the workshop (specifically developers and consultants). It’s leading into more direct communication with certain developers who are looking at different approaches … they seemed encouraged with the dialogue that the forum appeared to promote,” stated Remi Dube,

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