BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Transformational program for raising awareness of Michael Blackstock’s vision for interweaving of Indigenous and Western thought is sponsored by Metro Vancouver Regional District, governments of Canada and British Columbia, and the Real Estate Foundation of BC

“Founded on a water-first approach to setting priorities, Blue Ecology is an ecological philosophy that looks at the water cycle differently to interweave First Nations and Western thought. It is is a message of hope,” stated Kim Stephens. “Interweaving is a collaborative process where apparently contradictory ways of knowing water, such as Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge, are brought together as coexisting threads to produce a new cooperative theory called Blue Ecology. “

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: “Metro Vancouver along with other local governments currently provide support to the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative and Partnership for Water Sustainability,” wrote Peter Navratil, General Manager, Liquid Waste services

“The Blue Ecology Workshop builds on previous initiatives undertaken by the Partnership and supported by Metro Vancouver. It is aligned with and supports Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Framework and Board Strategic Plan.” wrote Peter Navratil. “The workshop would build community capacity and knowledge in the Metro Vancouver region. In addition, the workshop benefits Metro Vancouver and its members by fostering dialogue on sustainable watershed systems, asset management and climate change.”

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BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: “The BC Water Funders Collaborative is a group of funding organizations working together to facilitate the strategic use of collective resources to advance freshwater protection in British Columbia,” stated Jack Wong, Real Estate Foundation of BC

The Real Estate Foundation of BC is a sponsor of the 2017 Blue Ecology Workshop. “Water is central to ecological health and supports our communities and economies,” stated Jack Wong. “Land use and real estate practices have significant impacts on the quality and supply of freshwater. By using research, education, law and policies we can support sustainable land uses and promote freshwater governance to ensure that British Columbia has enough clean water to meet current and future needs.”

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Blue Ecology Workshop (November 2017) – An event to raise awareness of the vision for “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management”, a program funded by the governments of Canada and British Columbia

“Successful implementation provincewide of ‘Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management’, would represent an evolution in how infrastructure is planned, financed, implemented and maintained in British Columbia,” stated the Hon. Peter Fassbender, (former) Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. “Work needs to be done today to ensure we have a secure water future. Benefits are long-term.”

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Blue Ecology Workshop (November 2017) – British Columbia Ministry of Environment is an event sponsor because the interweaving theme aligns with desired provincial outcomes

“Moving beyond traditional engineered infrastructure asset management to also account for nature’s services will help influence ‘standards of practice’ and represent a leading-edge evolution in how infrastructure is planned, financed, implemented and maintained in BC. The long-term success of the IREI program will be measurable when community development activities and alterations of the built environment result in cumulative benefits, not impacts,” stated BC Deputy Minister Wes Shoemaker.

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