BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 3 – Bob McDonald reflects on “Water from a Global Perspective & Beyond” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

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Water From A Global Perspective
and Beyond 

Loved by audiences across Canada for making complex scientific issues understandable, meaningful, and fun, Bob McDonald’s truly global perspective reminds us of the limited availability of fresh water on the planet.

We Live on One Fragile Planet

bob-mcdonald3_trimmed1“Water – this vital life sustaining resource demands a raised level of consciousness and commitment, from the global to the local level, regarding its protection and sustainable use,” states Bob McDonald.

“Protecting fresh water has the potential of being a catalyst for cooperation rather than conflict, a level of cooperation that seeks solutions for the common good and survival.

“The call for an intercultural and inter-generational approach to water security issues has never been more timely or pressing than now, given the pending impacts of climate change,” observes Bob McDonald.

Science & Spirit: An Inclusive Journey

4_Eric Bonham_120pWater is truly the connector of all activities on earth. Addressing this challenge demands an integrated approach that blends both science and spirit. The Blue Ecology theme, blending First Nations cultural knowledge and Western Science challenges us to be more inclusive when addressing watershed systems,” states Eric Bonham. He will set the context for the feature presentations by Bob McDonald and Michael Blackstock at Blue Ecology.

“Any opportunity to hear experts talk about water cannot be missed,” adds Bob McDonald.

“Water is THE issue of the 21st century, both around the world and even here in Canada where we have more water than anyone. As glaciers disappear and droughts become more frequent, it is vital, in every sense of the word to manage our most precious resource wisely,” concludes Bob McDonald.

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