Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2008 Series

“Showcasing Innovation has helped local government practitioners immeasurably by creating forums for them to share their experiences and lessons learned. This has created a ripple effect that has spurred even more innovation. The 2008 Series can play an integrating role to cut across disciplines and ultimately help communities create neighbourhoods that integrate both good planning and innovative engineering designs,” stated Ray Fung.

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South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy: Pilot for Water-Centric Action in British Columbia

According to Kim Stephens, the relevance of the South Okanagan example is that it too was a Convening for Action regional pilot: the Regional Growth Strategy is water-centric (plan with a view to water), and recognizes the relationship between land and water (both in terms of water use and water runoff). The innovation is the toolkit that follows policy, and which leads to benchmarking and monitoring/measuring what matters.

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2007 BCWWA Annual Conference provided a provincial forum for the Water Sustainabllity Action Plan

“In moving towards water sustainability, we envision that developers that balance settlement and ecology will be rewarded. Because time is money, we believe that environmental environments can be paid for through money saved as a result of faster approval times”, stated Graeme Bethell. “Because we believe that Vancouver Island has all the ingredients in place for success, we believe that it will emerge as a water sustainability pilot for North America.”

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ARTICLE: Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: Creating our future, one conversation at a time

“The strength of the CAVI approach on Vancouver Island is the engagement of its partners on a one on one basis who “buy in” to the vision of water-centric planning. The process is accumulative, as others from diverse backgrounds are drawn to the common goal of achieving water sustainability. Each progressive step builds upon the previous success story,” wrote Eric Bonham.

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