BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: Module 1 – Fin Donnelly, founder of the Rivershed Society of BC will tell the story of his swims down the Fraser River and will “Connect the Drops” (November 28, 2017 in Richmond)

Credit: Rivershed Society of BC

Credit: Rivershed Society of BC

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What’s the Difference?

Fin Donnelly founded the Rivershed Society of British Columbia in 1996. Elected to Canada’s Parliament in 2009, he has a long history working for a healthy environment. Twice he has swum the 1,400 km length of the Fraser River.

A Sense of Place

Fin Donnelly_cropped_300pThe term rivershed is more place-specific than watershed. It steers attention to a river in a particular geographical location and all activities and phenomena related to that area,” explains Fin Donnelly

“When a sense of place is organized around a river rather than a town or city, it encourages a mental shift from human settlement to the larger interconnected natural environment.”

Using the Fraser River as a centre piece, and the fact that Fin can connect from its source to the estuary, will be informative in framing the big picture at the outset of the Blue Ecology workshop.

Connect the Drops

“We need to find ways to ‎work better together regarding water sustainability‎ in BC. I’m looking forward to participating in the Partnership for Water Sustainability’s Blue Ecology conference this Fall,” states Fin Donnely, “as it brings together a powerful & creative network of water sustainability practitioners.

“This conference promises to combine innovative thinking with inspiring stories which, I believe, will allow us to better ‘connect the drops’ in BC.”

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