Vancouver Island 2065: Economy and Ecology in Balance

A Vision for ‘Sustainable Watershed Systems’ on Vancouver Island: Economy, Ecology and Settlement in Balance by Year 2065

“Unfortunately, the long view of ‘what will this be like in 50 years’ and policy to support such vision is difficult to establish and even harder to defend over time when decision-makers are regularly challenged with the demands of the day," observed Eva Kras. “Yet we need both immediate-term pragmatism and visionary dedication to sustainability if we are to preserve our capacity for positive and permanent regional vitality."

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Managing Water Workshop draws attention to "VI 2065: The Vision for Vancouver Island in 50 Years"

“We designed the Managing Water Workshop to spark a conversation and ultimately inform a shared vision for Vancouver Island. To achieve any resemblance of food security for Vancouver Island will require a major shift in the way we are managing our agriculture lands today, how we protect them in the future, and acceptance of the need to secure water for the production of food on these lands,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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"Two initiatives have laid the foundation for creation of the Vancouver Island 2065 vision," reports Eric Bonham

“Vancouver Island 2065, building upon the IREI and LINK initiatives, seeks to establish an Island-wide forum to provide opportunity for sharing of ideas and stories of successful projects that integrate watershed management and asset management principles. It is hoped that this collaborative approach will set a new standard for land use planning on Vancouver Island,” states Eric Bonham.

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“Vancouver Island 2065: Moving Towards Sustainable Service Delivery”

“This partnership has the potential of being a model for other regions in the province and beyond. A grassroots initiative developed through working partnerships and collaboration, it is nevertheless pragmatic in its approach and sustains connection to the decision makers at the local, regional and provincial levels of government. Getting things right at the front end has emerged as essential for investing in the right infrastructure,” states George Hanson.

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Settlement, Economy and Ecology in Balance: “What We Want Vancouver Island to Look Like in 50 Years!”

“As our economy diversities, our communities grow, and our population expands, we must find ways of working together so that we will balance the inevitable demands of growth with the equally important issue of protecting our coveted and life-sustaining natural environment. Vancouver Island 2065 is an important step towards increasing awareness as well as inter-regional cooperation,” states George Hanson.

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