Convening for Action in 2005

FLASHBACK TO 2005: “The District of Highlands is at a critical stage in its development and must clearly identify its future plan regarding density limits and land use planning goals,” stated Eric Bonham, Chair of the Highlands Stewardship Foundation, when he delivered a context presentation for a breakout session at the “Water OUT = Water IN” workshop that launched the Convening for Action in British Columbia initiative (April 2005)

The challenges facing the District of Highlands provided breakout groups with a case study application – identify key gaps and needs for evolving along the water management continuum and achieving a water balance. “The community has its own vision, united as it is by landscape – rocky uplands and dense coastal forests. This shared terrain has shaped a building and road pattern with a small ‘footprint” on the land, along with a unique rural lifestyle. These values are clearly identified in the Official Community Plan,” explained Eric Bonham.

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At the "Meeting of the Minds" in Parksville (Sept 2005), there was a consensus: Build a communications network to address the issues facing the water and wastewater industry within the Vancouver Island region

It was clear that there was widespread interest in holding a workshop that would provide an opportunity for the exchange of information, and to explore the possibility of establishing a communications network for the Vancouver Island Region. At the workshop, “It was agreed that the group was the start of a ‘network’ for Vancouver Island and that the overall process might be replicated in other regions throughout the Province,” reported Kerry Elfstrom.

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