CONVENING FOR ACTION AT THE WATER IN THE CITY CONFERENCE: “It is important to manage expectations when embarking on this journey towards water sustainability,” stated Eric Bonham when he addressed the consultation workshop (September 2006)

“How will Vancouver Island accommodate a doubling of the population and what will the Island look like then? This question set the tone for the discussion that followed. According to Bonham, “The point I was making is that we have it in our hands to create our future, because what we do on the ground sets the pattern of development for generations. Also, change in standard practices does not happen overnight. It takes time,” stated Eric Bonham.

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Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: Sustainability theme unifies an array of water-centric initiatiives

“There are a number of initiatives on Vancouver Island that are focusing upon the theme of sustainability and a water-centric approach to community development,” reports Eric Bonham. “The Vancouver Island section of BCWWA has encouraged such linkage and sought out partnerships to reinforce the common theme of water-centric sustainability based upon an island wide communications information exchange network.

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