About this Community-of-Interest

COMOX IS A CHAMPION SUPPORTER OF THE PARTNERSHIP FOR WATER SUSTAINABILITY: “It is a really rare thing to have municipal staff say that we are working with a group that actually brings value and helps out, rather than the other way around,” stated Jordan Wall, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Comox (December 2021)

By pulling threads of understanding from the past through to the present and future, it would help communities achieve the vision for reconnecting people, fish, land, and water in altered landscapes. “Thus, I echo the comments by Shelley Ashfield, the Town’s Director of Engineering when she said: they say it takes a village to raise children. Similarly, it takes a village to deal with stormwater! The Town of Comox appreciates everything that the Partnership has done to support us and guide us since 2009. We have come a long way with your help,” stated Jordan Wall.

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VANCOUVER ISLAND WATER IS THE ONLINE HOME FOR THE STORY OF CAVI: “Communicate. Cooperate. Coordinate. Collaborate. Share resources and learn from each other,” urged John Finnie, CAVI Past-Chair (2006-2011)

This community-of-interest is the communication vehicle for the Convening for Action on Vancouver Island initiative. “CAVI is a grassroots collective partnership committed to achieving settlement in balance with economy and ecology. Having this online medium provides the opportunity to ‘tell our story’ and ‘record the CAVI history’,” stated John Finnie. “The CAVI program is ongoing and challenges Vancouver Islanders to think long-term and make decisions today that will create the future desired by all in 50 years.”

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