Settlement, Economy and Ecology in Balance: “What We Want Vancouver Island to Look Like in 50 Years!”

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Economy and Ecology – A Necessary Partnership for Water Sustainability

To ensure a sustainable economy is achieved, the issues of climate change, food and energy security, water sustainability, economic growth and the protection of the natural beauty of Vancouver Island need to be addressed. The “Vancouver Island 2065” project initiative was announced on October 30 at the 2013 State of the Island Economic Summit

Vancouver Island 2065: Why Not?

Vancouver Island 2065 is a partnership initiative of Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI) and the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA). Vancouver Island 2065 calls for collaborative and effective relationships amongst key stakeholders island-wide in order to achieve a vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance.

George Hanson_VIEA President_120p“Our three-year old partnership with CAVI is a direct outcome from VIEA’s 2010 ‘Link Project’ in which stakeholders all over Vancouver Island were interviewed to identify common issues and opportunities,” states George Hanson, VIEA President. “And now, VIEA/CAVI are pleased to announce this new initiative in cooperation with Royal Roads University.”

“As our economy diversities, our communities grow, and our population expands, we must find ways of working together so that we will balance the inevitable demands of growth with the equally important issue of protecting our coveted and life-sustaining natural environment. We believe that Vancouver Island 2065 is an important step towards increasing awareness as well as inter-regional cooperation.”

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