Managing Water Workshop draws attention to "VI 2065: The Vision for Vancouver Island in 50 Years"



Moving Towards Settlement, Economy and Ecology in Balance

Co-hosted by the Partnership for Water Sustainability and the Irrigation Industry Association, “Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: How Managing Water Now…..Will Shape the Future” introduced a mixed local government and irrigation industry audience to VI 2065: The Vision for Vancouver Island in 50 Years.


Water Defines Communities

“Water is a form maker. It defines communities. Also, the consequences of our water-centric decisions ripple through time,” states Ted van der Gulik, Partnership President.

1Ted-van-der-Gulik_Dec-2014_120p“Recognizing these factors, we designed the Managing Water Workshop to spark a conversation and ultimately inform a shared vision for Vancouver Island. The workshop demonstrated tools that can help communities achieve a vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance.”

“To achieve any resemblance of food security for Vancouver Island will require a major shift in the way we are managing our agriculture lands today, how we protect them in the future, and acceptance of the need to secure water for the production of food on these lands.”

Water Security / Implications

“Water security will be the governing factor when envisioning a sustainable future on Vancouver Island,” notes Eric Bonham, a founding member of the Partnership Leadership Team as well as the CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island initiative.

Eric Bonham_2012_120pVancouver Island 2065, an initiative partnering business and water resource specialists with the academic sector, in collaboration with local government and communities, will identify the challenges associated with long term water security and its implications for settlement, economy and ecology, and as a result, initiate action that progressively guides us towards a sustainable future.”

An Integrated Program

“The workshop brought together folks from two worlds, local government and the irrigation industry, and we designed the workshop program in a way that bridged the two groups,” explains Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director.

Kim Stephens_Oct-2014_DSC_0492_120p“The integrated program was cascading and comprised four modules. The focus was on HOW to do things. In the process, the irrigation folks gained an appreciation for the big picture issues that local government folks are addressing vis-à-vis water and watershed resource management. Similarly, water supply managers in local government realized the impact that irrigation practices and designer certification can have on municipal water use, and the implications when our climate is changing.”

To Learn More:

Click here to visit the homepage for the Managing Water Workshop.

To download a copy of the Program Overview, click on Convening for Action on  Vancouver Island: How Managing Water Now….Will Shape the Future.