City of Parksville Official Community Plan Review

Living Rivers and Partnership for Water Sustainability align efforts in Mid-Island Region to advance Living Water Smart provincial initiative

“Initially, Living Rivers and the Partnership will collaborate with local governments and others within the boundaries of the Nanaimo Regional District and Cowichan Valley Regional District to advance Convening for Action in the Mid-Island Region. Collaboration will enable us to advance a shared vision for settlement change in balance with natural ecosystems,” stated Alan Lill.

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City of Parksville supports collaborative effort to develop "Primer on Integrated Rainwater and Groundwater Management for Lands Adjacent to Englishman River"

“The City supports the joint research and information-sharing project related to the science of ‘living water smart’ on the Englishman River. However, since staff resources are very limited to participate with this initiative, a consensus was reached to link the project’s objectives with the new Official Community Plan,” wrote Blaine Russell.

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Preparing for Climate's Change: Securing BC's Future

“The vision for the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative is to enhance resilience to a changing climate and the anticipated, related impacts on water and aquatic ecosystems. Project activities have led to recommendations and actions for improved policies, practices and plans, as well as tools,” states Jim Vanderwaal.

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