Capital Region Water Balance Model Workshop

Sustainable Rainwater Management: 3-Person Teaching Team Integrates Regulatory, Historical, Local Government, Science and Technology Perspectives

“We now have the tools and experience to ‘design with nature’. We believe that BC is now at a tipping point. Implementation of a new culture for urban watershed protection and restoration is within our grasp. The time has come to make the hard decisions and to follow through with policy, regulations and bylaws,” states Richard Boase.

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Achieve More At Less Cost: Local Governments Can Rate Drainage System Capacity Without Need for Expensive Modelling of Every Pipe

“Every pipe within each catchment is evaluated by examining the INSTALLED PIPE CAPACITY. Based on detailed modelling experience, we know that ‘problems’ fall within a narrow range. The lesson learned is that one need not model every section of pipe. This is why the screening tool compares installed pipe capacity to design discharge,” explains Jim Dumont.

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Partnership for Water Sustainability aligns efforts with Ministry of Environment to advance the 'Beyond the Guidebook" initiative

“The Ministry looks forward to aligning efforts with the Partnership to further advance implementation of the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative. Inter-regional collaboration is the pathway to a consistent approach to water sustainability and green infrastructure policies and practices up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island,” stated Cairine MacDonald.

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