Bowker Creek Blueprint

Capital Region’s Bowker Creek Blueprint Wins “EcoStar Award for Integrated Watershed Management”

“In the latter part of my career, I have been part of a great team that has looked at rainfall differently and shares a vision for what the Bowker Creek watershed can be again. The ‘blueprint for action’ is a perfect example of working with others to improve watershed health long-term, and I am proud to have been part of creating it,” states Steve Fifield.

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Bowker Creek Blueprint: Grass-Roots Community Leadership

“Viewed from the outside, the strength of the Bowker Creek Initiative lies in the complementary talents and passions of its leadership team. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The key is that they believe in the mission: This is what we want our watershed to look like in 100 years, and these are the steps we will take to get there,” observes Kim Stephens.

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Community Values Drive Bowker Creek Initiative and Blueprint

“Working with others in the stream is a vital part for me. The experience taps something tribal in us. The stream restoration work is exciting …. It is a tremendous bonding experience: These are my people and we are of this place. Working together along the creek is one kind of social glue for the committee members,” states Gerald Harris.

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Bigger Pipes or Greener Communities: A Hydrological Assessment of Using Green Infrastructure Practices in British Columbia to Mitigate Future Flooding

“Green infrastructure practices offers a potential strategy for reducing the flood impacts of climate change. Green infrastructure relies on runoff management measures that seek to control rainwater volume at the source by reducing imperviousness and retaining, infiltrating and reusing rainwater,” states Chris Jensen

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Bowker Blueprint Update: “Watershed Moment” in BC’s Capital Region Connects the Future with the Past

“The Oak Bay High project is an excellent example of how collaboration between local governments, senior levels of government and the school district can produce such positive results for the entire community,” states Nils Jensen, Mayor of Oak Bay. “This project also demonstrates Oak Bay’s commitment to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment.”

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