REFLECTIONS ON SHARING A MISSION WITH WALLY WELLS: “The success of our collaboration is that it is relationship-based and founded on respect and trust,” stated Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC

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The Summer 2023 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter includes an essay co-authored by Paul Chapman and Kim Stephens, the Chair and Co-Chair, respectively, of the Watershed Moments Symposia Series. The essay is structured in two parts, with Wally Wells as the common thread. This is a story of what is achievable when individuals and organisations commit to a shared vision and mission, truly collaborate in good faith, and align their efforts for the common good

Water Sustainability and Asset Management

“Two moments define my collaboration with Wally Wells. The first was my introduction to Wally in September 2010. The second was an email from Wally in March 2017,” wrote Kim Stephens.

“Looking back, both were game-changing moments in what evolved into a shared vision for a whole-system approach to operationalizing Sustainable Service Delivery. The essence of the whole-system approach is that constructed and natural systems both provide municipal services.”

“Alignment of efforts with Wally has been key to elevating Water Sustainability and Asset Management as top-of-mind priorities for local governments. The two priorities are inextricably linked, and our efforts are complementary in facilitating peer-to-peer learning across boundaries.”

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To read the complete 2-part article, download the Summer 2023 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.