WORKSHOP ON SUSTAINABLE STREAM RESTORATION, FEATURING SHELLY CREEK: “I will teach many simple techniques. Combined together they will start to replicate nature; we will all learn together,” states Dave Derrick, stream restoration innovator (April 2019)

Note to Reader:

Over the past 80 years, the Shelly Creek watershed has been transformed by human activities. Land alterations have included clearing and ditching for farming, ditching for road development and land subdivision, logging, linear developments (highway, railway, hydro transmission), and residential and industrial developments.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Align efforts. Move from stop-gap remediation of in-stream problems to long-term restoration of a properly functioning creekshed

IN THE MORNING: In a classroom setting, where interaction with Dave Derrick is encouraged, participants will be primed for the creek walkabout in the afternoon at Shelly Creek Park. Dave will share a lot of great ideas on how to create different hydraulic complexity & great habitat in small streams.

IN THE AFTERNOON: At Shelly Creek Park, a team of three instructors will demonstrate and provide hands-on training for stream investigation, flow measurement and water quality sampling. Workshop participants will be divided into three groups. Groups will rotate through a “walkabout with Dave” and two streamside training stations.

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