April 2 – Dave Derrick Workshop

SHOWCASING SHELLY CREEK THROUGH A VIDEO SERIES: “Water is fluid, active and mercurial. Show it that way, the good and bad, so people can relate to challenges in their neighbourhoods and help address them through active engagement,” states David Mackenzie, videographer

“If the community comprehends the issues at hand, and the solutions that are needed, then leaders may be able to establish a support base that can help move watershed sustainability in the right direction within the community,” observes David Mackenzie. “Visual media forms, such as photography and videography, are well suited as environmental evidence for what is going wrong in watersheds. But also, can show what success can look like when restoration is achieved. One cannot attract supporters through just words and bullets on PowerPoint slides. Visual media is the way to do this today.”

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WORKSHOP ON SUSTAINABLE STREAM RESTORATION, FEATURING SHELLY CREEK: “I will teach many simple techniques. Combined together they will start to replicate nature; we will all learn together,” states Dave Derrick, stream restoration innovator (April 2019)

Dave Derrick was a co-developer and co-instructor in the first American Society of Civil Engineers stream class, titled “An Introduction to Stream Investigation, Stabilization, and Restoration”. The morning lecture is a streamlined version of this course. Dave Derrick will cover the philosophy of restoration, channel dynamics and evolution, and bioengineering methods. Shelly Creek is the case study for improving in-stream hydraulic and environmental functions in fish-bearing streams along the east coast of Vancouver Island.

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WORKSHOP ON SUSTAINABLE STREAM RESTORATION, FEATURING SHELLY CREEK: “Stewardship groups have local knowledge about local water resources; and are the most invested and most connected to the land base,” states Neil Goeller, Regional Hydrologist, Province of British Columbia

“Stream gauging can be incredibly complicated, but there are some basic skills that are the foundation of flow measurements which are relatively easy to learn. Modern equipment also takes a lot of the confusing details out of the process, leaving the operator with a much more pleasant experience. A demonstration on the mid-section measurement technique will be presented along with some discussion on the myriad of factors requiring consideration when stepping into a stream with the purpose of measuring flow,” states Neil Goeller.

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WORKSHOP ON SUSTAINABLE STREAM RESTORATION, FEATURING SHELLY CREEK: “The District of North Vancouver purchased state-of-the-art equipment and trained 10 volunteers who conduct water quality sampling close to their neighbourhood,” states Richard Boase, one of three instructors for the field part of the ‘Dave Derrick workshop’

At Shelly Creek Park, a team of three instructors will demonstrate and provide hands-on training for stream investigation, flow measurement and water quality sampling. Workshop participants will be divided into three groups and rotate through a “walkabout with Dave” and demos at two streamside training stations. “We will have our YSI EXO multi probe on hand to demonstrate how to collect water quality data. We would then let attendees try the equipment while we talk about how we train streamkeeper volunteers to monitor water quality in streams close to their homes,” states Richard Boase.

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AT PARKSVILLE 2019: Cross-border collaboration connects us with a larger body of experience! – Learn from Dave Derrick, stream restoration innovator, at a workshop on Sustainable Stream Restoration (on April 2) SPACE LIMITED

“Through 150-plus workshops in the last 8 years I have taught over 8,000 individuals the philosophy, methods, and concepts of river design and fluvial geomorphology. Over the course of my career as a research hydraulic engineer with the US Army Corps of Engineers, I have been an educator, facilitator, designer, reviewer, and constructor of almost every type of river and stream stabilization/restoration project imaginable,” stated Dave Derrick.

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