Well, What is Rainwater Management, Really?

“The technical language is in transition. The single function view of traditional 'stormwater management' is giving way to the integrated and comprehensive perspective that is captured by the term 'rainwater management'” states Kim Stephens.

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Decentralized Stormwater Source Controls for Urban Retrofit and Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction

“Capturing rainwater where if falls offers appealing technical alternatives to stormwater runoff capture than conventional end-of-pipe measures. Decentralized controls have the potential to reduce the frequency and volume of CSO events. In addition, a decentralized approach to stormwater management allows communities the flexibility to respond to everchanging economic and environmental conditions,” stated Neil Weinsten.

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RE-DEVELOPMENT CREATES A RESTORATION OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CAPITAL REGION’S BOWKER CREEK: “Like any long-term relationship, effort and commitment are required. Fortunately for Bowker Creek, many individuals and groups have decided to believe in a future where the water is clean, wildlife have a home, floods are controlled, and the creek is an asset to all the neighbourhoods it flows through,” stated Tanis Gower, Bowker Creek Initiative Coordinator

“Bowker Creek is like most urban creeks – it’s in rough shape. Luckily, it also has some advantages. Bowker Creek runs through a densely populated area full of citizens who want more nature, less pollution, and better greenway corridors in their neighbourhoods. They have supported their municipalities – Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria – to become part of the Bowker Creek Initiative. With re-development comes opportunity for creek restoration or creek day-lighting (opening buried sections),” Tanis Gower wrote.

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