Metro Vancouver ISMP Library of Watershed-Based Plans

Regulatory Context for Integrated Watershed-Based Planning in the Metro Vancouver Region

“Member municipalities will develop a coordinated program to monitor stormwater and assess and report the implementation and effectiveness of Integrated Storm Water Management Plans (ISMP). Metro Vancouver and member municipalities are encouraged to have land use planning consider the direction provided by the ISMPs. Coordination with municipal planners will be important to successful integration,” wrote Environment Minister Terry Lake.

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Delta's Corporate Vision for Watershed-Based Planning: Rain Garden Program Contributes to Restoration of Watershed Health

“Delta has completed three watershed-based plans, known as Integrated Stormwater Management Plans or ISMPs. Our urban areas are built out. This reality means there are limited opportunities for slowing, spreading and sinking rainwater. We are effectively limited to retrofitting of rain gardens within road corridors in order to provide rainwater infiltration that protects stream health,” states Hugh Fraser.

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Coquitlam on Track for Completion of Integrated Watershed Management Plans in 2014 for All Urban Areas

“The City of Coquitlam’s Official Community Plan requires that a Watershed Plan be completed before a Neighbourhood Plan can be developed. The City is on schedule to complete watershed plans for all urban areas by the end of 2014 in order to meet the regulatory commitment required of municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region. At present, six plans are completed and being implemented and six others are in development,” reports Melony Burton.

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