2007 APEGBC Seminar served as provincial launch for ‘Beyond the Guidebook Initiative’: “We are now at a point where we can integrate engineering, planning, biology, geomorphology and recreation to influence the greening of the built environment,” stated Dumont

The seminar was structured in three parts to deal with the Why, What and How in going Beyond the Guidebook. The seminar also enabled the Green Infrastructure Partnership to report out on provincially funded programs and tools. “The response by the engineering community and others was overwhelming, and came as a welcome surprise,” reported Paul Ham,Chair. “Jim Dumont explained why two rainfall-runoff simulation tools have been merged to create a decision support tool that integrates the site with the stream and the watershed.”

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British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario form an Inter-Provincial Partnership to promote Canada-wide use of the Water Balance Model

Leadership team representatives met in Calgary on October 31, 2007 to finalize the partnership framework. “Our relationship with the BC partnership has already paid dividends. Over the past three years, members of the BC team have made numerous visits to Alberta to help us raise awareness of the need to change land development practices so that we capture rain where it falls,” stated Alberta’s Liliana Bozic (City of Calgary).

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Bill Derry of Washington State issues call for action in Puget Sound

Stormwater specialist Bill Derry has been working on Pacific Northwest stormwater issues for 25 years, and he says some serious changes need to be made, and made quickly, in the way we live. Derry came up with a list of 10 ways to fix the region’s stormwater problems. He said he hopes his list require major lifestyle changes. He said the problem is “all of us, in everything we do… There isn’t an easy answer. We can’t just designate some facility to take care of this for us.”

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City of Calgary hosted second in series of rainwater/stormwater events organized by the Canadian Water Network

Held at the City of Calgary Water Centre in October 2007, the 2-day workshop event attracted an audience if 155, and included a field trip component. “The magnitude of the response was overwhelming and took us by surprise. Clearly, there is an appetite on the part of drainage practitioners and others to learn more about rainwater management,” stated Lilliana Bozic.

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Stormwater Detention: Ten proven ways to cheat

“Have you ever felt that justifying your detention design to a reviewing agency was a game of numbers? Do you have ways of making that marginal design look like a winner? Most engineers do,” wrote Glenn E. Brooks in the September 2007 issue of Stormwater magazine.

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Chilliwack Policy and Design Criteria Manual for Surface Water Management

Chilliwack Manual, May 2002 (360 pixels)
City of Chilliwack
The City of Chilliwack’s Policy and Design Criteria Manual for Surface Water Management serves two purposes. It provides a comprehensive framework that will guide the development of individual Master Drainage Plans over a multi-year period; and it provides land developers with specific direction in undertaking the stormwater component of sustainable urban design.

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