Rainwater Management on Diverging Paths in British Columbia and Washington State?

A decade ago, British Columbia and Washington State had the same science and a common understanding of what it meant. We had the same point of departure. A decade later, we are on diverging paths. In British Columbia, we are changing the way we develop land. Washington State is not.

The recent CWRA-AWRA cross-border conference held in Seattle created a timely opportunity to compare and reflect on what is being accomplished by a Canadian bottom-up educational approach versus an American top-down prescriptive approach. For more on this story, please click here.

Beyond the guidebook - cover (240 pixels)On November 15, the Green Infrastructure Partnership and APEGBC co-hosted a seminar that elaborated on why and how the “Made in BC” educational approach is working. This approach is keyed to forming partnerships, developing tools, celebrating successes, establishing expectations, and championing innovation.

The seminar is the latest step in the rollout of Beyond the Guidebook: Context for Rainwater Management and Green Infrastructure in British Columbia. At the heart of Beyond the Guidebook is a science-based methodology that will enable local governments to apply the Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO to explore the fundamental requirements both explicit and implicit in Federal Fisheries Guidelines for stream health and environmental protection.

For an overview of the seminar agenda, please click on this link to the Draft Program for Rainwater Management & Green Infrastructure: Resources and Successes for Protecting Stream Health. To read a comprehensive WaterBucket web story that elaborates on the seminar design, please click here.

Posted October 2007