Primer on Rainwater Management in an Urban Watershed Context

“Watersheds are not all created equal. And when we begin to examine them, we find that they function in all kinds of different ways. And what I often see missing in most engineering methodologies is an understanding of how a particular watershed actually functions,” states Will Marsh.

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Primer on Urban Watershed Modelling to Inform Local Government Decision Processes

“The real problems and solutions come together when you look at the site and the data you have to represent what you have. How do you compare the future condition that is very undefined with a calibrated tool that is very well defined? There is much that we do that has a place and purpose, BUT sometimes what we do is questionable,” states Dr. Charles Rowney.

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Rainwater Management in a Watershed Context – What’s the Goal? (published in Stormwater Magazine, 2011) – “The approach we have taken in British Columbia differs from that of the United States EPA due to the nature of the root problems being solved,” stated Jim Dumont, Engineering Applications Authority with the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC

“The critical issue in British Columbia is the damage and loss of habitat caused by development and erosion of the headwater streams. The focus is in direct response to Canada’s Fisheries Act that prohibits damage of fish habitat.”,” stated Jim Dumont. “The United States EPA, on the other hand, has focussed upon water quality in the main stems and coastal waters and seeks to restore the resources of those waters through the goals and objectives of the Clean Water Act.”

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