Peterborough, Ontario sets targets for tree species in Urban Forest Strategic Plan



Vision for the Urban Forest: Sustainability and Enhancement

The City of Peterborough has produced a draft Urban Forest Strategic Plan that recommends the city establish targets for native species composition in the various land use classes, such as commercial and residential.

“The urban forest needs to be recognized as that key element of green infrastructure,” said Paul Hambidge, an arborist with the City. “It’s a very precious asset. We need to preserve and maintain that as well as enhance it for the future.”

Communities in Ontario have a generally accepted canopy cover of 30 to 40% as being an appropriate and attainable target. This compares with 17% coverage in Peterborough.


To Learn More:

Click on City’s draft Urban Forest Strategic Plan sets targets for tree species in Peterborough to read an article published in the Peterborough Examiner. And to download the Draft Plan, click here


Posted March 2011