Alberta Report: Green dream for “sustainable community” takes root in Calgary suburb



Echo Haven in the Rocky Ridge area of Calgary, Alberta has attracted national attention because of its low-impact, healthy and affordable principles. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  (CMHC) calls it an “important step” in building sustainable communities.

Echo Haven is the vision of six families who are interesting in building healthy homes with less environmental impact. They are developing a village for 25 families, with the objective of being a model for responsible land development and sustainable principles.

In order to realize this vision, the development deals with many aspects of resource use. For example, the development will be an energy producer as well as consumer. A balanced water management strategy will reduce the need for City of Calgary treated water. Rainwater harvesting will reduce water consumption and long term costs for the homeowners. A gray water treatment system will reduce the burden on the infrastructure and replenish the hydrology regime.

EchoHaven is one of twelve teams from across Canada that has been selected in the EQuilibrium competition to develop energy-efficient homes

CMHC's Equilibrium Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative “strives to balance our housing needs with those of the environment and brings together under one roof the principles of occupant health and comfort, energy efficiency, renewable energy production, resource and water conservation, and reduced environmental impact,” says CMHC.

To learn more about the background and vision for Echo Haven, click on Green dream takes Root to read a story published in the Calgary Herald on December 9, 2009.


Posted December 2009