Controlled Subject Index provides indexed access to Green Infrastructure web-based resources


Green infrastructure coi table of contents - updated july 2009

There are two primary ways that users can access resources that are contained within this Green Infrastructure community-of-interest (COI):  either by reviewing the Menu Dropdown (above) which provides the storyline for the COI; or by searching the comprehensive Controlled Subject Index (below).

The combination of these two ways means that there are actually multiple opportunities to find a particular story, reflecting the likelihood that different individuals will approach a search for information from different directions.


Controlled Subject Index

The Controlled Subject Index provides users with convenient, indexed access to stories and resources that are contained in the Green Infrastructure Online Library. When a resource is added to the library, it is categorized against an index that comprises five ways of classifying the resource, namely:

Users can click on any one of the above Subject Categories to browse the available resources. A subject in gray text indicates that no resources are presently categorized under the heading, and a number denotes the number of resources tagged into that category. Links without a number have resources 'beneath' them in the heirarchy of subjects.

Each of the five categories listed above have a myriad of sub-categories, further increasing the number of combinations and permutations for finding a particular resource.


Green Infrastructure Storyline

Green infrastructure is associated with the management of water that runs off the land and how water runoff impacts on the sustainability of both terrestrial and aquatic habitat and resources.Green infrastructure is also associated with how water is used and how water use impacts on the sustainability of water supply

The Green Infrastructure Partnership is promoting a new way-of-thinking about land development. For more information on this storyline, please click on the following link to water sustainability can be achieved through green infrastructure practices


Posted December 2007