Smart Development Partnerships Promote Better Land Use Decisions


Land use patterns dictate the character of communities in British Columbia, and the costs of infrastructure and servicing development. Land use patterns are planned by local governments and built out by private individuals and corporate sector interests. The Provincial Government establishes the legislative framework for local government land use planning and development.

Partnerships between those who plan and those who invest have the potential to result in better decisions for local governments and also benefit provincial areas of interest. Facilitating these partnerships is an integral part of the Ministry of Comnmunity Servcices' work to support local governments in their efforts to plan and make land-use decisions to benefit their communities.

The Smart Development Partnership Program Outline  for 2006/07 includes the intended outcomes of the program, current priorities and the selection criteria for projects. Current priorities for the program include:

  • Streamlining and Harmonizing the Development Approval Process
  • Encouraging the Development of Affordable Market Housing
  • Planning for Development that Integrates Social Interests
  • Encouraging the Development of Compact Communities

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Posted July 2007