Green Value: from Awareness to Action


There are a number of initiatives on Vancouver Island that are focusing upon the theme of sustainability. The Vancouver Island section of the Brtish Columbia Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) has encouraged such linkage and sought out partnerships to reinforce the common theme of sustainability based upon an island-wide communication information exchange network. To launch the networking process, the first Meeting of the Minds workshop was held in Parksville in September 2005. The second in the series was held in May 2006, again in Parksville.

Chris corpsAt the 2006 workshop, Chris Corps delivered the keynote address which he  titled Green Value: The Value of Sustainability. In his introductory statement, he stated that:  This presentation will set the context for the rest of the presentations and deals with the broadest picture while the others will deal with 3 of the 5 touch points. It's important for you to recognize that if you want to initiate action, you need to speak a different language and think outside the box.”

For the complete story on the 2006 Parksville Workshop, please click here.


Chris Corps:

Chris Corps initiated and led Green Value, a 2005 international study on sustainable value. Mr. Corps is a Board member of Vancouver's Light House and the Green Building Finance Consortium; he initiated and led the 2007 Vancouver Valuation Accord (linking sustainability and value) and is an author to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.


Posted May 2007