FCM’s Green Municipal Fund Supports the City of Parksville’s Official Community Plan Review

Sustainability Focus

In December 2012, the City of Parksville received a grant contribution from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). The source of the funding is the Green Municipal Fund.

About the City of Parksville

With a permanent population of 12,000, a peak-season day population of 20,000 and changing conditions, Parksville must update its Official Community Plan (OCP). The new OCP will address key sustainability issues such as greenhouse gas emission reductions, capacity building, downtown revitalization, local economic development, sustainable tourism and shoreline protection. Parksville has identified increasing the density of the downtown core along transportation corridors in combination with pedestrian-oriented design and alternative modes of transportation as priorities.

“The City of Parksville is fortunate to have the funding support of the Green Municipal Fund,” said Parksville Mayor Chris Burger. “With this partnership, the City will be in a position to complete the review and update of our Official Community Plan, ensuring that our future planning is sustainable for our residents for many years to come.”

The City will continue to engage a strong cross-section of local social, economic and environmental perspectives as part of the consultation process. The City of Parksville is part of the Regional District of Nanaimo and a partner in the Regional Growth Strategy that provides the umbrella planning document for the region.

Parksville is located in the heart of the Oceanside region on Vancouver Island’s sheltered east coast. Parksville is an active community of retirees and families with young children who have chosen to live in Parksville for the quality of life and the natural environment.