Bigger Pipes or Greener Communities: A Hydrological Assessment of using Low Impact Development to Mitigate Future Flooding

“Climate change significantly raises the risk of rain-generated floods and infrastructure failure. To maintain current levels of service, drainage infrastructure will need to be modified and upgraded. A key challenge is that for many communities, it will be prohibitively costly to rely on conventional engineered solutions,” states Chris Jensen.

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Application of the "DFO Urban Stormwater Guidelines" has evolved over the past decade to protect stream health

“While we need to have volume reduction targets, at the end of the day it is how effectively we apply the suite of available rainwater management tools that will ultimately determine whether we will succeed in protecting stream health at a watershed scale,” stated Corino Salomi. “The objective of protecting stream health is broader than how much volume one can infiltrate on a particular development.”

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It’s raining, it’s pouring – BC Communities are leading the way

“A key challenge in ensuring urban stream health has been getting all the players involved in the community to move in the same direction. “Convening for Action” involves bringing everyone together in a workshop setting to share experiences, talk about barriers, and find solutions,” states Deborah Carlson.

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