Do you know where you really are in the shifting paradigms of stormwater management?

Andy Reese examines how our ideas about stormwater have changed since the 1800s. He insightfully looks back at why we pursued stormwater management in ways which unknowingly – at the time – foreclosed opportunities for more sustainable, livable communities. “It is much easier to know what the next paradigm is than to move into the next paradigm,” wrote Andy Reese.

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"Learning Lunch Seminar Series" promotes consistent provincial approach to rainwater management in BC

“Within the Cowichan Valley Regional District, there are five local government jurisdictions; and the same group of developers and development consultants have projects in all or most of those jurisdictions,” stated Peter Nilsen. It therefore becomes essential that developers and their consultants hear a consistent message regarding rainwater management and green infrastructure expectations when doing business at the front counters in each of those jurisdictions.”

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Rainwater Management & Site Adaptive Planning

If we view innovative rainwater management comprehensively, it starts with an understanding of site processes, systems and context. At a November 2007 workshop, Paul de Greef provided a landscape architect's perspective.

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