BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP (November 28, 2017): Download the PowerPoint storylines for all four modules

Water is THE issue of the 21st Century

Blue Ecology is an ecological philosophy developed by Michael Blackstock, professional forester and scholar. Blue Ecology looks at the water cycle differently to interweave First Nations and Western thought.

Michael Blackstock has a vision: British Columbia water managers would embrace the Blue Ecology water cycle; our communities would become more water-resilient; and we would successfully adapt to a changing climate. His innovative thinking is recognized by UNESCO and the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Global recognition speaks volumes regarding the credibility of Michael Blackstock and Blue Ecology.

The Blue Ecology Workshop had a town-hall format. Michael was joined by two ‘water champions’ who have achieved national prominence – the CBC’s Bob McDonald, host of Quirks & Quarks; and Member of Parliament Fin Donnelly, who has twice swum the length of the Fraser – along with a supporting cast from the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

Download PDF copies of PowerPoint presentations:

Connect the Drops (Kim Stephens & Fin Donnelly) 7.7 MB

The Fraser River, Agriculture & Food Security (Ted van der Gulik) 24 MB

Water from a Global Perspective & Beyond (Eric Bonham & Bob McDonald) 6.5 MB

Blue Ecology – An Attitude Switch! (Tim Pringle, Michael Blackstock & Eric Bonham) 14.2 MB