“Clearly, the waterbucket.ca website is a ‘go-to’ resource for many,” observes Mike Tanner, Chair



 Water Sustainability Action Plan

“Launched in April 2005, the waterbucket.ca website is the means by which the Partnership for Water Sustainability is sharing the stories of those who are leading change in British Columbia,” states Mike Tanner, waterbucket.ca Chair. “The website is designed to provide the complete story on integrated land and water management – why, what, where and how.”

DSC_0481_Mike Tanner_120p“The waterbucket.ca website is the key to the communications strategy for the Water Sustainability Action Plan. We are writing our history even as we are creating it. Our experience is that the use of photos and images is engaging; and attributing quotes to individuals in a conversational style has more impact than dry technical writing.”

Where the Waterbucket.ca Readership Live

“Over the years, we have observed several interesting trends in our readership. Our primary focus is on what British Columbian land and water practitioners are doing, yet our audience extends beyond BC. The sources of our readership break down into three main groupings: Canada (~60%), United States (~20%) and the rest of the world (~20%).”

“Because we have such a strong following in the United States, we do make a special effort to include American stories, mainly on the Green Infrastructure community-of-interest. When we reflect on the nature of those stories, we cannot help but wonder about the extent to which the BC experience may be subtlety influencing thinking in the United States. Over the years, we have observed a realignment of technical language south of the border such that it is now consistent with the vocabulary that we introduced a decade ago.”

The Age Distribution of the Waterbucket.ca Readership

“A second intriguing set of statistics is the demographic distribution of our audience. Our analytics show that over 60% of waterbucket.ca users are in two cohorts: ages 18-24 and 25-34. Another 15% are in the 35-44 cohort. The other 25% are age 45 and older.”

“Clearly, the waterbucket.ca website is a ‘go-to’ resource for many. Our approach to telling stories about the champions is obviously resonating. In any given months, upwards of a 1000 posts will be read,” concludes Mike Tanner.

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