Comox Valley Developers Dialogue: "Excellent format allowed for a variety of ideas, questions and comments to flow easily and freely", says Kip Keylock

Note to Reader:

In December 2010, the CAVI – Comox Valley Regional Team hosted the ‘Comox Valley Developers Dialogue’. The purpose of this event was to initiate a conversation with the Comox Valley development community about collaboration, alignment and consistency in a local government setting.

To keep the conversation flowing, participants have been invited to contribute content to the Water Bucket. The commentary below was written by Kip Keylock, principal of Ocean Estates Developments. He is a Director of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce.

2010 comox valley developers dialogue - group scene

Dialogue Starts with Conversations

“The CAVI Developers Dialogue event held in Courtenay this past December was no doubt, one of the best meetings to date.  Key issues such as understanding the needs, wishes and requirements of our local governments and the developer community were addressed,” states Kip Keylock. Kip keylock (110p) - comox valley chamber of commerce

“It was very well noted that by simply outlining each groups’ needs could result in effectiveness and positive results… a huge step toward establishing a much needed synergy.”

“The meeting went by quickly and many would have wished for more time as the room was filled with energy.”

Listen, Listen, Listen

“The format was excellent for ‘stirring the pot’ as it allowed for a variety of ideas, questions and comments to flow easily and freely. The non-formal setting made everyone comfortable in sharing comments, whether positive or negative.  In my experience I often find myself in meetings that only stifle free speech among peers…this was not the case.”

“The fact that many of the staff and administration from the local municipalities were present, and participated, was a testament to the positive strides being made in the Comox Valley.  This is certainly appreciated among the building and development community and will surely springboard a corresponding response.”

“The 2009 Learning Lunch Seminar Series and Developers Dialogue have helped in the overall process involving planning, forecasting new and upcoming needs and how best to meet them together,” concludes Kip Keylock.

About Kip Keylock:

Kip, his wife Catherine and son Chad moved to the Comox Valley in 2005 from Calgary.  He has since founded Ocean Estates Developments, a company specializing in sustainable communities and developments.  His experience in land development, condominium projects and home building has been recognized in Alberta, British Columbia, and as far as the Islands of Hawaii.

He was an active participant in the Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy and is a current director of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce. Kip is passionate about the future of the Valley and will continue to work with like minded groups and individuals that support well thought out strategies and concepts for the future.