Rainwater Management

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South East Kelowna Irrigation District

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District is an improvement district incorporated under letters patent by order in council of the British Columbia legislature November 2, 1920. SEKID is one of five public water utilities serving the City of Kelowna.

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The Great Lakes of North America

The Great Lakes Region is the largest expanse of freshwater in the world with a unique and diverse landscape. This region which is the size of continental Europe is made up of the US states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin along with the Canadian province of Ontario.

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Council of Great Lakes Governors (CGLC)

The Council has one simple mission: To encourage and facilitate environmentally responsible economic growth. Through the Council, Governors work collectively to ensure that the entire Great Lakes region is both economically sound and environmentally conscious in addressing today&#039s problems and tomorrow&#039s challenges.

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