Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint: North Vancouver District Partners with the Stewardship Sector to Build on a Knowledge-Based Foundation



Note to Reader:

The District of North Vancouver’s innovative approach to development of the Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint has produced a provincially significant precedent. The District has demonstrated what the shift from a ‘model-centric’ drainage approach to ‘landscape-based’ blueprint approach looks like in practice.

The Hastings Creek story is the first in a series of Watershed Blueprint Case Profiles that will form part of the inter-regional curriculum for cross-fertilizing local government experience within the Georgia Basin.

To download a copy of the “Story of Hastings Creek”, click on A Watershed Blueprint for Hastings Creek: Creating the Future in the District of North Vancouver.


Hastings Creek Streamkeepers – carrying out a salmon spawner survey


Role of Stewardship Community

“Streamkeeper participation in the Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint process and the local knowledge captured in the Opportunities Assessment has taken the community to a whole new level of collaboration with the District. This is a significant outcome. It sets the stage for taking collaboration to yet another level,” states ZoAnn Morten, Executive Director at the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation, and a resident of the Hastings Creek Watershed.

“The Opportunities Assessment by the District is founded on streamkeeper knowledge. Now we can work with the District to inform the broader community. We can open eyes and minds. We can open doors so that together we can make the changes necessary to achieve the vision for the Watershed Blueprint.”

“It is the Streamkeepers who have the on-the-ground knowledge needed to establish restoration priorities within the Hastings Creek watershed. That is the key to benefitting from local input,” concludes ZoAnn Morten.


To Learn More:

To read more about what Zo Ann Morten said about the role of the stewardship sector, click on Geomorphology and Ecological Opportunities Assessment to download Section 7 of “A Watershed Blueprint for Hastings Creek”.