Water Sustainability Action Plan funders laud value of Water Bucket website

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Communicating a Consistent Message

The Water Bucket Website Partnership reports a 45% increase in user visits after two years of Google Analytics monitoring.  The rolling 6-month average exceeds 4000 visits per month.

Mike tanner (120p) - fall 2008 “We attribute this large jump to the cumulative enhancements that the partnership has been systematically implementing over the past two years. These enhancements encompass both technology fixes and content evolution,” states Mike Tanner, Chair.

Fully Integrated Websites

Ted van der gulik (120p) - 2005 photo“The Water Bucket and the Water Balance Model are companion websites. In fact, they are inseparable in a number of ways – for example, Water Bucket resides on the Water Balance Model server,” states Ted van der Gulik, Senior Engineer with the Ministry of Agriculture & Lands, and Chair of the Inter-Governmental Partnership that is responsible for the Water Balance Model.

“In terms of page views, Water Bucket averages over 10,000 per month. The most popular COI is Rainwater Management with a 22% share.  This ‘homepage’ is the primary communication platform for the Water Balance Model,” adds Mike Tanner.  “In second place is the Green Infrastructure COI at 19%. It is the communication vehicle and ‘homepage’ for the Green Infrastructure Partnership.”

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To read the complete story on the Convening for Action Community-of-Interest, click on Water Sustainability Action Plan funders laud value of Water Bucket website.

Convening for Action in British Columbia

“The Convening for Action COI rounds out the top three ‘homepages’. It has a 16% share of the page views is. It is the homepage for a ‘made in BC’ process that the Action Plan partners have branded as Convening for Action in BC. The aim of the partners is to move from talk to action by developing tools, providing training and building capacity. Water Bucket is an integral and essential part of program delivery,” concludes Mike Tanner.

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