Vancouver Island Coordinating Team embraces change through collaboration and dialogue



VICT Vision and Mission 

The Vancouver Island Coordinating Team (VICT) is a subset of CAVI – Convening for Action on Vancouver Island; and focuses on the rainwater VICT charter - page 4 (120p)management component of the water cycle, with emphasis on the use of the Water Balance Model to make science-based decisions.

“VICT has developed a Charter that provides a road map for transitioning from past development practices to a new way of doing business that respects nature and creates greener communities,” states Jay Bradley, VICT Chair.

“VICT is the ‘local government’ part of the CAVI partnership umbrella – and as such, is a local network of practitioners who are evolving a framework for water-centric planning on Vancouver Island. A fundamental premise is that communities will achieve water sustainability and protect stream health through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices.”

“VICT is comprised of representatives from different jurisdictions and disciplines on Vancouver Island; it emphasizes building relationships and dialogue with local governments in order to advance integration of rainwater management with green infrastructure.  This includes outreach to municipal, regional district and First Nations governments.”


The VICT Charter

“The VICT Charter articulates our team’s goals and objectives. Innovation is being realised through a Design with Nature approach to Rainwater Management, by building relationships across disciplines and jurisdictions, and learning by doing!”

To download a copy, click on Vancouver Island Coordinating Team (VICT) Charter – May 2008. The Charter format is illustrated by the Objectives page reproduced below.

VICT charter - page 7


Posted September 2009