Success Stories

“WeTap”: An Exciting New Opportunity for Public Drinking Water Fountains

In 2011 the Pacific Institute, in collaboration with Google, launched a smartphone application that could help address a major water challenge: finding, supporting, and expanding the United States’s public drinking water fountains. “The average American now drinks nearly 30 gallons of commercial bottled water per year. One of the reasons for this explosive growth in the sales of bottled water is the disappearance of public drinking water fountains,” stated Peter Gleick.

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City of Kelowna Takes Smart Landscaping Approach

Don Degen (City of Kelowna):
New landscaping standards will help to reduce water consumption across the city and reduce residential landscaping water consumption by a further 15 per cent. This makes Kelowna the first city in BC to set this level of landscape water usage standards.

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