“There is an increased interest in rainwater harvesting in California and Texas,” says David Crawford, ARCSA President

“Contractors need to be looking at storm water regulations that are kicking in. Municipalities are changing requirements for storm water collection. Rainwater harvesting is a great solution to this, as well as getting tax credits by putting rainwater harvesting in. Now that there are codes and standards out there people are getting on board, so rainwater harvesting is starting to be more accepted,” says David Crawford.

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News from New Zealand: Rainwater tank takes sustainability award

The simple but innovative design was developed by Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO), eight councils in the Wellington region and rainwater tank manufacturer the Tank Guy. “The tanks provide a convenient, easy and relatively affordable way for people to prepare for an emergency. Their popularity is already helping people to store water and improve the resilience of the Wellington region,” says Mayor Nick Leggett.

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Rainwater Harvesting on Bowen Island, British Columbia

“The properties that are being developed in the Cowan Point area of Bowen Island have a restrictive covenant which requires everyone to have a rainwater harvesting system. That means all outdoor water use must come from your storage tank. In our case, however, the tanks are providing both outdoor water use and our toilet water,” states Kim Stephens

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Water, Water Everywhere….Does British Columbia Really Need a Water Conservation Strategy?

In 1992, co-authored papers by Tom Heath and Kim Stephens and by Ted van der Gulik (left) and Kim Stephens, respectively, were published as an integrated magazine article. “Although there is a perception that BC is water-rich, the reality is that we are often seasonally water-short (mainly because of storage limitations) during the period when water demand is heaviest due to lawn and garden irrigation,” wrote the authors in their opening paragraph.

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